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SCRAPS : Cats, Dogs & Rabbits!

March 13th, 2012

I’ve been volunteering at SCRAPS, Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Services, photographing the dogs & cats that are available for adoption and so many of these animals are so wonderful I just had to share. I love doing it and it gives me a good opportunity to get my cat fix! Especially since my husband is allergic, so no cats at our house…dang-it!

Here are just a couple of these beauties….

I seem to have a black theme here…didn’t notice until I had put all their pictures up…LOL! :)

Some of these animals have been adopted and a few are still available…these are just a small sample of the animals that come in to the shelter every day and in some way or another have had an impact on me. I just love volunteering at SCRAPS and being a part of these animals lives…even when it’s just to pet them and give them a hug. :)


You’ve Gotta Have Passion…

August 10th, 2011

There are a few blogs that I like to keep up on and one of them is Tofurious. He has wonderful insight and his questions make me think, plus I love the conversations that get started from his posts on his blog and on his Facebook page. He just posted a entry, “It’s Not Only About Price and Convenience. It’s Something Else…” and it inspired me to write basically a short story in reply on his page. Then I thought, “Wow, this is a bit long for a reply…I think I will just put it on my blog instead and link it, so everyone doesn’t have to be subjected to reading basically a manuscript for a response…lol!”

So as I read the responses Tofurious had already received I came across one that inspired me to share. It was Chad Morgan’s and I completely agree with his reply stating that the underlying reason for success is passion…I’m paraphrasing here, so to see the entire reply go to the post here.

and here is my response that came from who knows where, but it did nonetheless…


I use to manage a coffee shop and I was the morning barista. We made every one by hand just like Steven does and customers would stand in line to wait for their drink. Even though they were on their way to work or where ever they needed to be and Starbucks was also on their way and probably would’ve been faster.

They would tell me that they liked the relaxed atmosphere, the conversation that I would strike up and the individual attention to them as a customer that they felt welcome and walked away happy. That was all the thanks that I needed to feel great about what I was doing and it made me feel passionate about being a part of making their day a positive one. :)

I take the same approach with my photography, which is my passion, and I want each client to feel the same after each photo session with me as my coffee customers did way back then. The funny thing is I did later work at Starbucks, which they are a great company as well, just a different approach. I really missed the connection that I had with my customers from the local coffee shop so I decided to bring it to Starbucks and even though I couldn’t make each drink by hand I got to know each customer.

Since I was again the morning drive-thru barista. Working drive-thru made it a bit tougher, but that just made it more of a “good” challenge to me and I slowly got to know all the regulars and they shared with me that the reason they came every morning is because we cared. The other morning drive-thru barista and I got to know their names and they loved the fact that we knew every one of their drinks by heart which made them feel special.

So all-in-all if I accomplish this when I do a shoot…no matter what the shoot is or what it is about; with models, children, families, high school seniors, business owners and/or real estate agents, then I feel like I’ve done more than just take a picture…I’ve made a connection and that’s what I’m passionate about.


P.S. – Here’s a little secret too, I don’t even like coffee or anything coffee flavored for that matter, but my customers had no idea and told me I made some of the best drinks they had ever had…

sshhhh…don’t tell anyone, because if this photography gig doesn’t work out I may need to go back to slinging espresso…lol! :)


Here is a pic of my old stomp’n grounds…



Spokane Historic Shoot | American Legion Building

June 17th, 2011

I was invited to be a part of a project to photograph a variety of historical buildings and places in Spokane for the National Trust for Historic Preservation with the Spokane planning committee. Each photographer involved is assigned a building to photograph and mine was the American Legion building downtown.

At the time I didn’t know anything about this particular building so I went online and did a search. I came across some interesting information on this website about it being the original Spokane Club, it had a fire that destroyed the roof in 1939, which was replaced with the flat roof that you see today, and that the building went under a major restoration and remodel in 2003. The building gained some attention for housing the home offices of Mitchell Jensen and Associates, the psychological consulting firm which designed and supervised a CIA interrogation program.

I’ve driven by this building several times and never knew that it was the American Legion Building, but I’ve always admired the architecture of it. I even took a quick photo of it this year while waiting to start Bloomsday and thought, “that would be a great building to photograph”. So it was a really pleasant surprise to be assigned this building to photograph for the Historic Preservation project.

The afternoon of the shoot I was also excited, because I got the “ok” get on the roof of a downtown building. It was great having the opportunity to get a shot from that perspective as well as from the ground, so I couldn’t wait to see how they turned out.

This was also my first time trying out a photo process called HDR, high dynamic range, where you take multiply shots of the same image and merge them together and adjust them to the look desired which creates details in both the highlights and the shadows that you typically can’t achieve with just one image. Below are the shots that I took from both angles with two different HDR effects applied.

They both are the same building, but completely different views and looks. I like both for different reasons, so I thought I would post them both and see what you think. I like the first for the warmth and brightness as well as the view of the buildings and mountains in the distance. Then I like the second for it’s moodiness and texture in building. So which one do you like best?



Keller Williams Easter EGGstravaganza!!

May 13th, 2011

The Spokane Keller Williams Realty office put together a wonderful Easter EGGstravaganza event this year for the first time. They asked if I could volunteer my photography to capture the moments of the day and when I arrived I was very happy to see two other photographers there to help cover everything that was going on.  I thought this would be fun and Sophia could come along with me and participate in all the fun! They had a ton of stuff for the kids to do…egg hunt, games, face painting, jumpy castle, potato sack races, etc..and of course pictures with the Easter Bunny, otherwise known as “Sunny Bunny”. :)

Sophia had so much fun! Thankfully my mom was able to help me out and come along to hang out with Sophia, since I wouldn’t have been able to do both. I couldn’t believe how many people showed up. I later discovered that approximately 500 people where there and that was with little to no advertising!

Here’s Sophia trying out all the fun events….

This cracked me up! Sophia had a choice for her raffle prize and picked…play money…I think she takes after her dad more than I even thought. LOL!! Too funny! :)


Goo Goo Dolls + CDA Casino = ??

May 4th, 2011

Oh wow, I’ve gotten so far behind on my posts. I know this is way over due, but I just have to share the pics I got of the concert…even if it is a month or so after the fact…oops! :/

Well the Goo Goo Dolls concert was good, but it felt a bit off. I absolutely love them too; their music, John Rzeznik, their story of success and did I mention John Rzeznik…:) I’ve seen them perform twice before and those concerts were so much better. The first time was at The Gorge in George, Washington and the second was at the Spokane INB Performing Arts Center (or as I still call it – the Opera House).

This time they were playing at the CDA Casino, which I thought seemed a bit odd to begin with, since they are a well known band, but I thought well I’ll give it a shot. I also assumed the CDA Casino was a pretty small venue, which it was and I was right it was odd. It think it was a convention room that was temporarily transformed into a concert space with a stage on one wall, rows of stackable chairs and metal stadium seats along the back walls. Once the lights went down it wasn’t too bad though. It’s definitely a plus to get there early and get a stackable seat (sorry I just can’t help myself) as close as possible though. Nothing against the casino and not to be mean, but it was just strange and kind of funny at the same time. At this point I decided to chalk it up as an adventure…lol!

The plus side of a small venue is you can get right up close and personal though, which was awesome! I was able to walk around freely and get some good shots as long as I stayed out of the aisle ways. Thankfully I had brought my point and shoot, because even though my iPhone can take some great shots it was no match for hand holding in this low of light…but Derek got some video with his iPhone, so with the combination of the two we walked away with some good stuff.

Plus in the middle shot I was right in front of the stage and I swear right before he closed his eyes to sing he looked right at me and winked…no joke! ;)

Later in the week I read online that the lead singer, John Rzeznik, had been sick that week. I guess they had performed the night before in Tacoma and he looked like he was about to pass out on stage. This made sense, due to just the off feeling I had about the concert as we drove home, but I was grateful that they hadn’t cancelled. They played a really good show regardless and I would definitely go see them again in concert, just maybe not at a casino again.

To see more pics from the concert take a look at my facebook page at Juli Lynch Photography

If you would like to check out the video (sorry ahead of time…it’s a bit shaky…especially in the beginning, since Derek was walking while it’s recording to get a closer view) it is at the following link  Goo Goo Dolls at the Coeur d\’Alene Casino


Flower Power, Lowe’s and Long Eyelashes…

April 4th, 2011

This afternoon we were running errands and we saw the ultimate flower power VW Bus in the parking lot at Lowe’s. I love Volkswagen’s and I especially love vintage VW Buses. This one was sweet…it was covered from front to back in flowers, tons of bumper stickers and painted in a cool tie-dye effect. Then you wander to the front and bonus…it’s got a pink face with red lips and bright blue eyeshadow!

Sophia loved it and as we were leaving she wanted to touch the super long eyelashes that were on both headlight eyes…awesome!

It made me miss the one I use to own, even though mine wasn’t as jazzed up as this one. It was an orange 1974 VW Bus Camper, which if I can find a pic of it I will post it, but it was honestly the coolest thing and every time I see one I wish that I still had mine.  I was involved in an accident, where a guy behind me wasn’t paying attention…I was going about 10 mph and a dog jumped out in front of me. Needless to say I stopped and the guy behind me didn’t, so he rear ended us and with VW buses having their engines in the rear it didn’t fare very well to say the least.

As we were walking into Lowe’s Derek did happen to mention that he has thought about getting me another VW bus and completely restoring it for me….so you never know…someday you might see me trucking down the road in a super pimped out VW Bus again…one can dream. :)

P.S. – Just in case you missed them…check out the yellow smiley face hubcaps. All I can say is, Right On! :)


Spring Fever!

March 29th, 2011

I have spring fever so bad! I just can’t wait for the weather to be warmer…for the flowers to be in bloom and the trees to have all their leaves back again. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy that it isn’t snowing anymore, but these gray days are getting to me. Can’t there just be a few more sunny days??

So here’s hoping that the days to come will get warmer and warmer and for good measure here is one of my favorite flowers pictures from last summer….enjoy!


Ol’ Stink Eye…

March 27th, 2011

This last week has just flown by! Sometimes life gets so hectic I feel like I can’t keep up. Yesterday I took a break and slowed down…it was really nice to just hang out and not worry about getting things done. I really enjoyed taking a few different moments throughout the day and just relaxing and reading, once in the car while I was waiting for Sophia to get out of school and later while she took her bath. Usually I would be doing this and that around the house or working on the computer to try to make the most of my time, but this time I thought, “I’m going to just hang out and relax”…ahhhh…it was definitely a nice change of pace.

This week has also been a sad one with two losses in the family, my husband and my sister-in-law’s Grandpa’s passed away, there was an accident at my husband’s work where three co-worker’s were killed and another one critically injured and my poor little niece has been so sick this last week her parents had to run her to the emergency room to have her checked out. So with all this going on I thought it might be nice to post a photo that makes me smile every time I see it, but it’s probably a photo my husband would rather I didn’t share…hee! hee!

This is my husband’s idea of “posing” for the camera, but it’s what I call giving me the ol’ stink eye!



St. Patrick’s Day | Cheers!!

March 17th, 2011

Hope everyone is having a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! I was just looking at what St. Patrick’s Day is all about and came across a great article on National Geographic Society’s website. It’s about the history of St. Patrick and how he wasn’t even Irish, he was actually from Britain and kidnapped and sent to Ireland to tend sheep as a slave. Take a look, St. Patrick’s Day 2011: Facts, Myth’s and Traditions..it’s very interesting!

Here’s a picture of Otis our Pug…he had to get in the action too! :) Now all he needs is a pint of Guinness..lol!


Art Wolfe | Photographer

March 12th, 2011

The minute I heard that Art Wolfe was coming to town to give a lecture and show his work I had to go…he is one of the main reasons that I became a photographer and I just couldn’t let an opportunity to meet him pass me by. About 25 years ago I saw an image of his that completely captivated me. It was a black wolf slightly obscured by the trees in a very dark forest staring directly at the you creating this very omniscient presence, it just gave me the chills, but it was so quietly beautiful at the same time. I have never forgotten it and from that day on I knew I wanted to be a photographer in some way or another.

I thought it would be so amazing to be able to capture images like that, that make you stop and think and give you such a sense of being a part of the image that you physically feel like you are there in the scene. What I really wanted at that time in my life was to be one of those big adventurous National Geographic photographers that will do anything to get the shot…wade though leech infested swamps, hide out in the trees for hours to get that one perfect shot or get so close to a lion that you start to sweat. That is of course not how things turned out, especially since everybody and their dog wanted to do that then and I was only like 15 years old…lol!

I still love that photograph to this day and even though I haven’t seen it in years I think of it often.